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Wellborn 2R Ranch Fall Chuckwagon Cooking School - Henrietta Texas

From The Wagon is a a true Chuckwagon experience cooking school. With a combined 60+ years of experience you are sure to have an experience of a lifetime and a happy stomach too!

This is an opportunity to learn chuckwagon cooking at it's finest as we have teamed up with Wellborn 2R Ranch for the Fall Chuckwagon Cooking school October 13th - 16th, 2022 and it will be sure not to disappoint. Generations of families and cowboys have been tending to grazing cattle on the Wellborn 2R Ranch since the 1870s and now is your change to experience this historic ranch. 

The Wellborn 2R Ranch is located just 2 hours northwest of Dallas in Henrietta, Texas. The combination of optimal cattle growing land and the accumulation of 150 years of experience allows them to produce the best, all-natural beef on the market. 

October  13 - 16
Henrietta, TX

3 days/nights
$1,500 per person

$500 deposit is required to secure your spot.
Limited to 10.

Wellborn 2R Ranch cattle graze on wide open pastures with cowboys on horseback taking care of their using sound stocking principles. They spare no expense to select cattle with superior genetics and insists on using specific care and feeding methods growing their beef the way nature intended - all natural with no hormones or antibiotics. Their beef is grass-fed and grain finished, which means cattle start out eating the native grasses of the ranch before grains are introduced into their diet to produce meat with the desired marbling and taste. With all the care and oversight each step of the way, the end result is high quality, tender, nutrient dense beef you can feel good about eating.  

To start you’ll be picked up by the chuckwagon pulled by a team of horses to take you to cow camp, here’s where your experience and learning will begin. 


For the next 3 days and nights you’ll have the full experience of cow camp from your teepee accommodations to cooking in Dutch ovens over open fire. You’ll learn recipes and tricks of the trade from a real chuckwagon team. 


We are putting on this extremely rare opportunity to not only learn how to cook on the wagon, but also use some of the best beef you can find on the market. We will go into depth on not only beef selection but the differences in grass-fed/grain-finished beef that is sure to have your belly excited. 


Get your registration in today! Choose your date and reserve your spot above.

What to Bring:

None of this is a must but watch the weather, or ask us via email:

Hat, sunscreen/bug spray,  Light jacket/heavy jacket, warmer pajamas, leather gloves, Flashlight, Notepad/paper, Camera, Battery alarm clock.


Heck y’all know how to pack, of course your personal belongs.

we will provide everything else you need for all your cooking experience.


Now some of you folks might want to bring pillow, bedding, camp chair, etc. You are welcome to bring anything that makes you comfortable, but if you don’t have that kind of gear, or your flying in. it is not necessary. Just let us know you’ll need it. We will have it clean and ready! 

Where ya going to sleep? 

We will provide ether Wall Tents (for couples) or Range Teepees otherwise known as Cowboy Condominiums.


Each teepee is arranged with 1 or 2 cots. AGAIN if we need to provide any sleeping bags or bedding needs please let us know. Also note, cell phone reception may not be available and no electricity or facilities are in camp. Porta potties and in-camp showers will be available. 

All food is cooked at the wagon in Dutch ovens and hardwood, some open fire cooking. We will cover the basics of Dutch oven cooking to include: breads, pies, meat dishes, casseroles and of course that secret on how to cook an amazing steak for cowboys/cowgirls. 


We’ll teach temperature control on different woods like Mesquite wood vs Oak vs Lump charcoal, yes there’s a difference & other fundamental Dutch oven techniques for cooking.


Even though y’all all show up as individuals or couples we will cook together and help one another out step-by-step. Lessons will begin as soon as you are picked up and get in the wagon. See it’s not just about cooking, we want you to have a true cow camp cook experience. 

Y’all may still have questions, so please ask away. 

You can email us thru our CONTACT US page with all your questions and personal needs privately.

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