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Circle Bar Ranch Spring Branding and Chuckwagon Cooking School

It’s true that times have changed, and some things aren’t being done like in the old days. But there’s some folks that pride themselves on trying to keep the Western Heritage alive and functioning just as it was 150 years ago. 


We have teamed up with Circle Bar (O-) Ranch for the Spring Branding in Truscott Texas, offering two Chuckwagon Cooking experiences April 6th-9th or April 13th – 16th, 2022.  This rare opportunity will be open to 6 people only for each of the dates to come learn all aspects of Chuckwagon cooking in a real setting and all it takes to be a chuckwagon cook aka “cookie” at full working ranch. 


The Daniels Family has kindly opened their gates and is allowing us to put on a cooking school during this year’s branding. Circle Bar Ranch was established in 1981,, this families roots in ranching goes back generations after generations priding themselves on keeping the cowboy western heritage alive. 

April 6-9
Truscott, TX

4 days/nightsTruscott, TX

$1,500 per person

$500 deposit is required to secure your limited spot. Limited to 6 per class.

April 13-16
Truscott, TX
4 days/nights
Truscott, TX

$1,500 per person

$500 deposit is required to secure your limited spot. Limited to 6 per class.

We will be living at the wagon(s) then moving the camp to various locations, followed by the horse Remuda/herd, around this 40,000 plus acres ranch all while the spring branding is being done.  The chuckwagon will be loaded with cooking supplies, bedrolls, range teepees and all our gear in horse drawn wagons. We will cook 3 meals/day, setup and break down camp and all that comes with it.

We are putting on this extremely rare opportunity to learn how it’s all done, but don’t be mistaken, it is also work and sure to be full of adventure and memories that sometimes can’t be planned. The opportunity to come live this kind of historical event and step back in time with folks still living and working this kind of ranch life while living the life of a chuckwagon cook (“Cookie”) in the 1870’s in not only rare but hasn’t been offered to the public in decades.  


You’ll be watching and experiencing the cowboys do the gathering and branding, hear stories from cowboys that have been doing this all their life, tales from days past, and knowing these Cowpunchers some will be telling TALL tales LOL. It will be full of memories, adventure, and hard work. 


Since this is a working ranch, we are limiting the experience to 6 people per class. 


Get your registration in today! Choose your date and reserve your spot above.

What to Bring:

None of this is a must but watch the weather, or ask us via email:

Hat, sunscreen/bug spray,  Light jacket/heavy jacket, warmer pajamas, leather gloves, Flashlight, Notepad/paper, Camera, Battery alarm clock.


Heck y’all know how to pack, of course your personal belongs.

we will provide everything else you need for all your cooking experience.


Now some of you folks might want to bring pillow, bedding, camp chair, etc. You are welcome to bring anything that makes you comfortable, but if you don’t have that kind of gear, or your flying in. it is not necessary. Just let us know you’ll need it. We will have it clean and ready! 

Where ya going to sleep? 

We will provide ether Wall Tents (for couples) or Range Teepees otherwise known as Cowboy Condominiums.


Each teepee is arranged with 1 or 2 cots. AGAIN if we need to provide any sleeping bags or bedding needs please let us know. Also note, cell phone reception may not be available and no electricity or facilities are in camp. Porta potties and in-camp showers will be available. 

All food is cooked at the wagon in Dutch ovens and hardwood, some open fire cooking. We will cover the basics of Dutch oven cooking to include: breads, pies, meat dishes, casseroles and of course that secret on how to cook an amazing steak for cowboys/cowgirls. 


We’ll teach temperature control on different woods like Mesquite wood vs Oak vs Lump charcoal, yes there’s a difference & other fundamental Dutch oven techniques for cooking.


Even though y’all all show up as individuals or couples we will cook together and help one another out step-by-step. Lessons will begin as soon as you are picked up and get in the wagon. See it’s not just about cooking, we want you to have a true cow camp cook experience. 



For the O- Ranch experience we will not be offering our usual 100% money back guarantee. This will be more about the experience than the learning to cook. At our other cooking schools offered there’s no deadlines on when food has to be ready, it’s laid back and easy going. In O- camp, we have deadlines for every meal.  Breakfast ready 5:45am, lunch 12-1:30 depending on the work that day according to the ranch owner plan. Dinner can be a little later, but these cowboys eat hangout a few min then sake out. We are the first up, last down. Now as students, you won't have to be up at 4am to get to work, that’s your choice, you can get in where you fit in. But this will be a once in a life-time true experience for sure.

Y’all may still have questions, so please ask away. 

You can email us thru our CONTACT US page with all your questions and personal needs privately.

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